Friday photo: Honey Bee Farming, Ghana, West Africa


Korm Touse (Nr Techiman), Ghana, West Africa – Image © Jason Florio – on assignment for Concern Universal


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VIVA CUBA! Images by Jason Florio

We couldn’t let recent news events go by without a nod to Cuba – a momentous benchmark in history, whatever the outcome…

All images © Jason Florio


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East of Havana

Tropical Depression

Presidio Modelo



Traveling through Ghana, West Africa – photo assignment

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.36.56 AM
Image © Jason Florio - maize/corn farmers, Gozu, Northern Ghana, West Africa


For the past week or so, we’ve been hard at work in the field – quite literally, most of the time! – on assignment for, NGO, Concern Universal. It’s been an incredible experience, and it is always a pleasure to work with CU’s team of extremely dedicated, and passionate, project managers. And, of course, all the people we met, Jason photographed, and we interviewed, along the way, have made this assignment one of our most memorable experiences.

We’ve also knocked up a few 1000km’s traversing beautiful, and diverse, Ghana (big thanks to Daniel, our CU driver, for getting us around the country so efficiently – and with speed!) – starting in Accra, in the South, to Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, and into Wa, in the Northern region.

Here is just a smattering of images… we’ll have more to share in the coming week or so. Right now, we are relaxing – much needed – post-assignment, in the lush surroundings of La Paradise Inn, in Osu district, back in Accra.


Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.26.59 PM
Photographer, Jason Florio, at work – shea butter production in the Kperisi community, Wa, Northern Ghana. Image © Helen Jones-Florio


Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 12.26.35 PM
Helen, filming the interview of one of the sorghum farmers, Wa, Northern Ghana. Image © Jason Florio


Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.36.23 AM
Winnowing the sorghum, Guzu, Northern Ghana. Image © Helen Jones-Florio


Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 6.58.02 AM
Jason Florio photograph’s bee keeper, Katie, in Korm Touse, Brong Ahafo region, Ghana. Image © Helen Jones-Florio


Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 10.22.58 PM
Odumase, Korm Touse, Brong Ahafo region, Ghana. Image © Helen Jones-Florio


We look forward to sharing more stories from our Ghana assignment shortly.

The Florios – Helen & Jason

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Photo Assignment in Ghana, West Africa


Accra, Ghana – Images © Jason Florio

Tomorrow, we fly out of The Gambia on a photography assignment in Ghana, for an NGO we work often with – my first visit to the country, Jason’s second.  We’ll arrive in the capital city of Accra, spend a little time, before we take a long drive down South, towards the Black Volta River (what is it with us and rivers?). More driving will take us to Wa, in the Upper West Regions of the country, overlooked by the monadnock Ombo Mountain. To break what will then be a 12 hour drive back to Accra, we’ll stop over in the large commercial metropolis of  Kumasi – also known as ‘The Garden City‘, due, apparently, to it’s rich and varied species of plants and flowers –  in a rain forest region, near Lake Bosumtwi. Screen Shot 2014-12-07 at 9.42.10 AM It’s a busy itinerary – lots of driving between shoot locations – but we’re hoping we’ll have time to take in some of the above mentioned landmarks; even if it is just a fleeting glance from behind a windscreen!

Accra, Ghana – Image © Jason Florio

More Ghana photos coming soon! The Florios – Helen & Jason

The Florios - Image © Muhammed Sinera
Image © Muhammed Sinera

Friday photo: a tailor by day, a hunter by night, Fouta Djallon Highlands, West Africa

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.33.31 AM
Image © Jason Florio ‘River Gambia Expedition


‘Group deliberation in English, Mandinka, Bambara, and French only confused the issue. We finally opted for what seemed the suicidal approach, by way of the river and hugging the bank, ready to leap into the knotted trees if the hippo came in for the kill.’ Jason Florio – Read more and see more on Maptia .

Happy Friday!

The Florios – Jason & Helen



Press: River Gambia keeps on flowing… on

Maptia_river gambia
PRESS - Image © Jason Florio – the source of the River Gambia


‘And yet, as we knelt and drank the clear water from where it first gathers in the sunlight, bubbling up from the giant natural cisterns beneath us, we felt that our source-to-sea journey had really begun… .’ Jason Florio –

With thanks to Jonny Miller, and all at Maptia, for a beautifully laid out feature, on their new website, of our River Gambia Expedition. Check out more incredible journeys – and striking images – on the site… ‘a world of stories


Floriotravels on Instagram – traveling light

New project : Traditional masquerades, The Gambia, West Africa. The 'Zimba' © Jason Florio
New project : Traditional masquerades, The Gambia, West Africa. The ‘Zimba’ © Jason Florio


For updates of our daily life, here in The Gambia, and further afield, check out floriotravels on Instagram.

And, we’ll be posting more images  here on the blog, from our new portrait project – traditional masquerades of The Gambia – over the coming weeks.

Thanks for stopping by

The Florios – Helen & Jason


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RISC Benefit Photo Auction – 1 day left to bid!

Originally posted on PHOTOS TELL STORIES:

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 3.12.16 PM

Aperture Gallery – 547 West 27th Street, #4, New York December 3, 2014 – 6:30 PM

One day left to get your bids in!

Jason was very fortunate to be chosen to take part in the inaugural RISC(Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues) training course in New York, in 2012, and therefore honored to have one of his ‘Makasutu‘ portraits in the upcoming  RISC Benefit & Silent Auction – which features the work of 46 photographers, a short program by RISC founder Sebastian Junger and Magnum photographer Susan Meiselas. Proceeds from ticket and auction sales will help RISC train and equip more freelance conflict journalists in emergency medical response. Bidding opens today – November 19  – online and ends at the benefit.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 2.53.58 PM
‘Abdou with Rescued Crocodile’ © Jason Florio
As a response to the increasing dangers they face worldwide, RISC trains journalists to treat…

View original 161 more words

A Year in the life of a photographer and producer team – in West Africa and further afield…

Traditional masquerades – ‘Fairies’ – Banjul, The Gambia. Image © Jason Florio
Togolese artist, Amigoe – Image © Jason Florio/personal multi-media project with Helen Jones-Florio


It’s now been a little over a year since we packed our bags and left behind our much loved apartment, in Greenwich Village, to temporarily decamp the all too comfortable familiarities of our cosmopolitan New York City life, to the tiny Republic of The Gambia, West Africa – a country that both of us are equally familiar with, having spent over 17 years coming backwards and forwards, (‘ikatah, ikanah’), individually and, during the last five years, as a couple.

At times, the transition has been a stretch, having left behind all that NYC has to offer, the things we coolly took for granted – museums, photography galleries, spectacular architecture, cultural diversity…the constant sensory overload.

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However, we’ve found that Gambia has all of the above offer too, as we’ve enjoyed a hectic year of working with, amongst others,  the National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC – producing portraits of the traditional masquerades); we’ve exhibited our ‘Photos Tell Stories Photography Workshops students work at Alliance Française (and we’re planning to exhibit Jason’s ‘Silafando’ portraits, from our 2009 ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush expedition, with NCAC, early next year); we’ve taken a stroll along the entire coastline of the country, staying in some of the most architecturally inspiring lodges in The Gambia (story to be published shortly). It’s all here… we just need all our friends from NYC to decamp and life will be complete! However, even that balances itself out here, as old friendships continue to grow, our circle of new friends expands, and we constantly meet inspiring folk who pop into the country from all over Africa and the rest of the world.

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Aside from the work we’ve been doing in The Gambia, this past year, Jason has been off on his travels, on assignment for various clients – including the New York Times, Oprah Magazine, and Men’s Journal,  which has taken him to other parts of West and East Africa. He’s also traveled up to Spain and Turkey (PepsiCo), back to NYC (Tablet Magazine), and, early next month, we’re both off to Ghana on assignment for  NGO, Concern Universal, who we work regularly with.

Aspire Academy, Senegal, West Africa – Image © Jason Florio for the New York Times
Aspire Academy, Senegal, West Africa – Image © Jason Florio for the New York Times


Young knife trader, Pakwatch Uganda – ‘Walking the Nile’ /Men’s Journal – Image © Jason Florio
Lev Wood & Boston (left) , Uganda, ‘Walking the Nile’/Men’s Journal – Image © Jason Florio


Ebola sensitizing, The Gambia, West Africa – Image © Jason Florio for Concern Universal NGO



Quad biking in Gambia with West Africa Power Sports – Images © Jason Florio for Arik Air (Wings Magazine – published shortly)



Walking 80km of the Gambia coastline, Sanementareng sacred forest. Image © Jason Florio for bSpirit Magazine/Brussels Airlines (to be published shortly)


Judging by this past year, I’ll wager that there is plenty to keep us busy – and entertained – for quite some time, here in West Africa and further afield.

More news and photos coming soon.

The Florios - Helen & Jason

Assignment requests: please contact

Dedicated to Matthew Power – 1974-2014

Image © Jason Florio, Uganda, March 2014

Life’s a Gambia beach, West Africa – Thursday photo

Images © Helen Jones-Florio – Sanementareng beach, The Gambia, West Africa


It’s such a shame to have these beaches all to ourselves… she lied.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US family and friends, all over the world.

Love from #ebolafree Gambia.

The Florios - Helen & Jason



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