Carpe Diem – life is quite frankly too bloody short!

Kids on Jinack Island
A moment in time – happy girls, Jinack Island, The Gambia, West Africa © Helen Jones-Florio


Life is full of surprises… sadly, not all of them good. Before you know what’s happening, without any warning, a curveball the size of a Hereford Bull hits you – WHUMPH! – and literally knocks you flat on your back and suddenly, holy cow, you can’t get up again! Which is exactly what has recently happened to very close family members (not by a big cow, mind you, but most definitely by a humongous curveball). Not surprisingly – and perhaps a touch self-serving – one begins to question one’s own mortality, how quickly time is racing ahead, and how much more there is to do in this lifetime.

The trouble is you think you have time”  Buddha


“Seize the day, bugger the ruminating, this life is quite frankly too bloody short!” Yours Truly

Sending positive energy and support to those I love dearly, who are going through what is the toughest challenge of their lives… and, without a doubt, more testing times are ahead for them.



Post Valletta Migration Summit, Nov 2015 – IRIN reports

Image © MOAS_EU/Jason Florio, 2015. All rights reserved.

The 14-page joint EU-African strategy on migration unveiled at the summit is divided into five sections including development, legal migration and mobility, and international protection and asylum. Perhaps most important from the point of view of European leaders are the final two sections covering cooperation on reducing irregular migration and smuggling, and boosting returns and readmissions. ‘ Words by Louise Hunt, read full report on IRIN

23 AFAR Photographers You Need to Follow on Instagram Right Now – #11 Floriotravels

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Big thanks to AFAR Magazine, and Maggie Fuller, for including our Floriotravels Instagram page in their list of 23 photographers to follow.

What to expect from his Instagram: Florio and his wife, photography and expedition producer Helen Jones-Florio, share their Instagram. It’s a mix of the snapshot travels of two photographers and deep, emotional looks into some of the countries in which they work, from the people of The Gambia to refugees in Malta.’ Read more on AFAR Magazine

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