On-line hangout – ‘The Great Exodus: A Look at How the Migrant Crisis is Being Pictured in the Media’

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The first rescues by the MOAS search and rescue team in the Mediterranean Sea – image © Jason Florio/MOAS.eu, 2015


The Reading The Pictures Salon is an on-line, real-time discussion between photojournalists, visual academics and other visual or subject experts… .’ Read more, and register for the hangout (Sunday 10th January 2015 – 11am-1pm EST/4pm-6pm GMT), on the RTP’s salon website.

The panel:
MichelleBogre‬ The New School Parsons; ‪‎AnneDemo‬ Penn State University; AlixandraFazzina‬Photographer, NOOR; Jason Florio Freelance Photographer; ShaniOrgad‬ London School of Economics and Political Science; GlennRuga‬ Social Documentary Network; MichaelShaw‬Reading the Pictures; MODERATOR: CaraFinnegan‬

Florio will be joining in the discussion, from the Aegean Sea, where he is currently on another photo assignment, this time with MOAS’s new rescue boat, the Topaz Responder

Black and White Monday: Cracked windscreen, Kinshasa, DR Congo

Image © Helen Jones-Florio, Kinshasa, DR Congo


I have ridden in many, many, taxis in parts of Africa where cracked windscreens seem to be de rigueur. However, this one defied the realms of possibility. The screen – barely held together (it wasn’t even taped up!) – has to be the finest I have seen… yet, that is.

Helen Jones-Florio

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NGO, Concern Universal: Ebola, hygiene, and hand washing – image by Jason Florio

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Image © Jason Florio for Concern Universal, The Gambia and Senegal, West Africa (click image to ‘like’ CU’s FB page)


To view more of Jason Florio’s images, for CU, in West Africa, please visit their website.

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An interview with photographer, Jason Florio, for NGO Concern Universal

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Jason had some great questions from Concern Universal guest blogger, Morgan Meeker, including:

You’ve documented the collapse of the World Trade Center – how do you make sense of it scenes like that?‘ Read Jason’s answers to all the questions on the CU site

Profile image of Jason Florio © Helen Jones-Florio