Photoville New York, 2016 – ‘Two Islands’ exhibition by Malta-based photographer, Ritty Tacsum

Ritty Tacsum Exhibition- Photoville NY, 2016
Ritty Tacsum Exhibition- Photoville NY, 2016

Ritty Tacsum – ‘Two Islands‘ – Solo Show, Photoville, NYC, September 21-25, 2016

We are extremely proud and excited that one of the Helen Jones-Florio Gallery collective, Malta-based, experimental photographer and multi-media artist, Ritty Tacsum, will be exhibiting, for her first time, in NYC at this year’s prestigious Photoville event, beneath the historic, and iconic, Brooklyn Bridge, in DUMBO.

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Relics of the past: New York Central Railroad, 69th St Transfer Bridge, Hudson River Parkway, NYC

Image © Helen Jones-Florio



Next week, Florio and I travel back to our home of New York City – albeit a fleeting sojourn. I’m still fascinated by the city of childhood movies… and, I ALWAYS look up.

Helen Jones-Florio


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Press: ‘Source to Sea’ – The New Yorker Photo Booth features Jason Florio’s River Gambia images

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 2.47.33 PM
‘Source to Sea’ – The New Yorker Photo Booth. Images © Jason Florio

We are honored to have Jason Florio’sPhotos Tell Stories tutor and photographer – body of work from the ‘River Gambia Expedition – 1044km source-sea African odyssey‘ in The New Yorker Photo Booth Magazine. Big thanks to Amber Terranova for asking to feature Jason’s work.  Amber is also one of our contributing photographers – generously allowing us to share her photography with the PTS’s Gambian workshop students.

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 3.17.22 PM
‘Source to Sea’ – The New Yorker Photo Booth. Images © Jason Florio

To view more of Jason Florio’s work, please visit his website:

We’ll be posting more about our Photos Tell Stories photography workshops, here in The Gambia, shortly. If you’d like to check out some of the students work, check out this link.

The Florios – Jason and Helen


Fine Photographic Prints – new gallery, incoming…

abdou ndong fisherman with a rescued crocodile 2007
‘Abdou with Rescued Crocodile’ The Gambia, West Africa © Jason Florio B&W Gallery
Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 8.29.23 AM
‘Painted Face’ The Gambia, West Africa © Jason Florio – B&W Gallery

I’ve been the Director of Print Sales, for Florio Photo for a number of years now; a project which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. So, when I was approached by another photographer (whose work I admire very much indeed), a few weeks ago, to see if I would be interested in selling his work too, thus, the seedling of an idea was planted… .

‘Sky over Texas’ © Jason Florio – Color Gallery

Suffice to say, the last few weeks have found me working on the idea (with thanks for some much-appreciated advice – and support – from a couple of dear girlfriends, who also just happen to be well-respected New York-based curators/photo editors), checking out various photographers, and building a new stand-alone fine art photography prints gallery site. A boutique gallery, where we will be featuring a select number of very fine photographers.

If you would like to follow our progress, feel free to click  ‘follow‘ (see button at the bottom of the page).

More updates coming soon.


Helen Jones-Florio

HJF_ JF_stefan
Florio & Helen: Sale from the Flat File – Jason Florio’s fine art photography prints – New York, Aug 2015, Image courtesy of Stefan Falke