Photos Tell Stories – an anthology, Part 1 – photographs by Jason Florio

In November, 2013,  before we headed down to The Gambia, West Africa, to present our first ‘Photos Tell Stories‘ photography workshops, Jason was invited to exhibit his award winning portraits of village chiefs, ‘Silafando‘ – taken whilst on our ‘Short Walk in the Gambian Bush 930km African odyssey‘ – at the Athens Photo Festival (APhf:15), Greece, along with presenting a slideshow of his work –  which spans over fifteen years.

As a photographer, his work has taken him around the world – covering a wealth of subject matter.  Therefore,  it was a tough edit for him. However, his time on the stage at APhf was limited – which helped somewhat, in narrowing down what he had time to show.

All of the following photographs tell a story… many of which are just as relevant in today’s world, as they were when originally shot.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All images © Jason Florio

Image# 1-5 – ‘Two Short Walks‘  Afghanistan, 2000 & 2001

Image# 6-9 – ‘New York City – 09.11.2009

Image# 10-14 – ‘Human Terrain‘ Afghanistan, 2009

Image# 15-17 – ‘Ghosts of the Civil Dead‘ Ethiopia, 2006

Image# 18-21 – ‘This is Libya‘, 2004

An anthology, Part 2, coming soon.

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Helen & Jason Florio

H & Flo & Dadi sm
L-R: Janneh, Jason Florio, Alkalo (village chief), Dadi Bah, Helen Jones-Florio – taken whilst on ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush’  expedition, 2009


P.S. More news too on the new projects we’ll be carrying in with when we head back down to West Africa on a few weeks… soon.



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