Walking the Coastline of The Gambia, West Africa

Walking the coastline of beautiful Gambia, West Africa. Congratulations on the beginning of a new era, Gambia! We look forward to being back there – images ©Jason Florio & Helen Jones-Florio


Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.49.57 PM HJF, The Gambia coastline – image © Jason Florio

Jason and I have just completed our Gambia coastline walk and what a truly lovely experience it was; albeit mighty humid – an average of 90% humidity every day. ‘Mad dogs and English (wo)men…’ kept springing to mind. Even now, as I sit here typing in the relative coolness of our house, my fingers feel as if they sticking to the keyboard.

The story was assigned by an airline in-flight magazine. So,  unfortunately,  until they publish it we can’t really say too much about the walk. However, we can share a few images from along the way – most of Jason’s, so we’ll have to hold back on until the photo editor decides what they want to use (updated: January 2015- see Brussels Airlines B.Spirit Magazine feature about our walk).

We’ll be posting more images over the…

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VQR 2016 Prize for Photography – Jason Florio ‘Out of the Sea’

“I feel highly thankful to receive this year’s VQR 2016 Prize For Photography  for my  essay ‘Out of the Sea’ on the migration crisis in the Mediterranean. VQR has been a home for my wo…

Source: VQR 2016 Prize for Photography – Jason Florio ‘Out of the Sea’

Well done to Jason Florio, and all the other VQR 2016 Award Winners


Refugee/migrant portraits ©Jason Florio/MOAS.EU


Holiday Season + Gift Cards = beautiful fine art photography prints/HJF online gallery


Gift cards - beautiful photography prints from the HJF online gallery


Holiday season gift cards are the way to go, especially when you just don’t know what to buy for that someone special. Whether that someone is a loved one, a friend, or a work colleague. Over at the Helen Jones-Florio online gallery, they have seven amazing, award-winning, photographers to choose fine art photography prints from.

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Instagram - HJF Gallery - Montage of all 7 photographers

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Nomads and their horses, Afghanistan © Jason Florio – fine art photography prints

Black and white image from Afghanistan - Nomads on their Horses © Jason Florio
Afghanistan – Nomads, Horses & Buzkashi © Jason Florio – fine art photography prints, available online from the HJF Gallery 


Nomad with his Horse, Afghanistan © Jason Florio - black and white fine art photography prints available online from the HJF Gallery
Nomad with his Horse, Afghanistan © Jason Florio – fine art photography prints, available online from the HJF Gallery


Visit the Helen Jones-Florio Gallery, online, to view Jason Florio’s collections – black and white and color prints – along with a select collective of other award-winning photographers.


Photo of the Day: People disembarking a pirogue, Casamance River ©Jason Florio


Passengers disembarking a pirogue, Casamance River ©Jason Florio
Passengers disembarking a pirogue, Casamance River ©Jason Florio  
The view from the balcony of our room…

at Hotel La Perroquet, in Ziguinchor, Senegal. Dusk was closing in, as Florio and I sat drinking a blissfully trés chaud Flag, overlooking the Casamance River. After a week of shooting out in the field, in a hot-as-Hades climate, around northern Senegal and then in the Casamance region, down in the south, it was well-deserved!

Pirogue at dawn, Diouloulou, Casamamce © Jason Florio
Pirogue at dawn, Diouloulou, Casamance, Senegal © Jason Florio


We’ll be posting more images from our current West Africa travels soon.

Ba chi kanam

The Florios

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