Perpignen – ‘Visa pour l’image’ – here we come!

Bonjour, ça va?

Tomorrow, we head down deep into southern France, the Languedoc-Roussillon region,  for our first foray into what is the 26th year of   ‘Visa pour l’image’ –  ‘…the premier International Festival of Photojournalism held in Perpignan, France. This festival is a unique event where you can join thousands of kindred spirits who share a love and passion for photography. View the greatest photojournalist work from around the world in exhibitions across the city… . ‘ Nous sommes trés excité!

Screen Shot 2014-09-02 at 12.34.38 PM


We have our new calling cards, printed and ready to hand out…

‘Small Devil’ The Gambia © Jason Florio – one of series of a new project about traditional West African masquerades.


‘Raft Boys’ River Gambia, Senegal © Jason Florio – taken whilst in the ‘River Gambia Expedition – 1044km source-sea African odyssey


Peut-être nous vous y voir?

à bien tôt!

The Florios – Helen et Jason


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