Press: Gambian Beachcombers – walking the coastline of The Gambia, West Africa

Walking Gambia coastline_Brussels Airlines
Image © Jason Florio – B Spirit Magazine

Our first press of 2015 – ‘Gambian Beachcombers’, a feature for B.Spirit Magazine (Brussels Airlines) has just come out.

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A few months ago, Jason and I went out for a leisurely stroll and proceeded to walk the 80km coastline of The Gambia, West Africa. We started on Jinack Island, the farthest point North, and the ended in Kartong, the furthest point South.  Along the way, we visited some of The Gambia’s sacred sites – such as the small mosque in Sannementaring – before staying overnight in various eco lodges, dotted along the coastline, at the end of each days walk.

We also stopped to talk to many people we met along the way – fishermen, juice sellers, and cockle collectors – and yet still managed to walk for miles with only nature and the Atlantic Ocean as our guides. We were in no particular hurry, making it a  wonderful, and enlightening, experience, as we ambled along The Gambia’s soft white sand coastline – one that many of us could easily do. And, what a great way to experience the tiny West African country. Read the story here.

Walking2_Brussels Airlines
Images © Jason Florio


We would like to extend a huge thank you to all the eco lodges, who very generously hosted us – and fed us incredible food! – Jinack Lodge, Ngala Lodge, Leo’s Beach Hotel and Restaurant, The White Horse Residence, Footsteps Eco Lodge, and Sandele Eco Retreat . Also, a BIG thank you to old friend and taxi driver, Buba, who helped make our journey a much lighter adventure – by his daily picking up and dropping off of our backpacks to each lodge. Abaraka baci, Buba! (by the way, his number is listed in the feature, for those of you coming to Gambia (or already here) who need an extremely reliable and knowledgeable taxi driver.

Sacred sites/walking the coastline of Gambia (for Brussels Airlines 'BSpirit' Magazine) - Image ©Helen Jones-Florio
Image ©Helen Jones-FlorioJason Florio and a young boy who joined in to walk a short distance with us in Gunjur,


We hope you enjoy the journey too. The Florios – Helen & Jason

‘Selfie’! Helen Jones-Florio & Jason Florio – taken whilst walking the Gambia coastline

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