'Catafalque’, 2003 - Sean Henry Sculpture, lies on a rusting steel platform, Jubilee Square, Woking, Surrey © Helen Jones-Florio
‘Catafalque’, 2003 – Sean Henry Sculpture, Woking, Surrey © Helen Jones-Florio
Face to Face – sculptures by Sean Henry

12 August 2017 – 5 November 2017

Exhibition – The Lightbox, Woking, Surrey, UK

‘Henry’s work is highly realistic and essentially modern in its choice of subject matter, colour and materials. His figures – often anonymous men and women – have an emphatic physicality which allows room for the viewer to draw their own interpretations, while deliberate changes to scale and colour imbue his figures with a powerful interiority and ‘presence’.’ Read more The Lightbox

The Wanderer - Sean Henry Sculpture, standing outside Woking train station, Surrey © Helen Jones-Florio
‘The Wanderer’ – Sean Henry Sculpture, Surrey © Helen Jones-Florio


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