Stories Behind Doors, the Gambia

#StoriesBehindDoors – Yundum Army Barracks, the Gambia ©Helen Jones-Florio – Instagram @doors_facades_florio

Well come to No.4, Yundum Army Barracks, The Gambia – this door, to a Gambian soldiers quarters, overlooks the site on the camp where the bodies of seven murdered soldiers were exhumed. The soldiers were murdered by soldiers loyal to the former president, Yahya Jammeh, for being allegedly part of a counter-coup in November 1994. Witnesses say eleven soldiers were buried at the barracks, so far only seven have been found. Along with the bone fragments, electrical cables were also found that were used to bind the victims’ hands. The only clothing found were underwear, corroborating witness testimonies that the men were stripped almost naked before being shot.

The exhumation findings of 7 murdered soldiers at Yundum Barrack, the Gambia. Image © Jason Florio / See more on Instagram


The families of the murdered Gambian soldiers gather next to the exhumation site at Yundum Army Barrack, the Gambia, along with the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commissioners (TRRC). Image © Jason Florio – see more on Instagram

Currently working in the Gambia – April-May 2019

Gambia – Victims, and Resisters of a Regime


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