Vintage storefronts, Valletta, Malta

Vintage Storefronts, Valletta, Malta – Universal Store © Helen Jones-Florio

A few of my all-time favourites, from almost four years of shooting doors and storefronts in Malta. As of June 2019, they are all still standing… so far.

Vintage Storefronts, Valletta, Malta – Paul’s Store © Helen Jones-Florio


vestiges of a small Mediterranean Island

To find my bearings, I walked… and I walked. It’s the only way that I know to get a real sense of any place I’ve ever landed in. So, leaving the vast concrete and glass apartment complex, perched on a peninsula, I turned down one narrow side-street after another – off the main drag of Sliema – and the true architectural beauty of Malta began to reveal itself… Helen Jones-Florio / Times of Malta

#DisappearingMalta – literally: ‘Canberra’ Vintage Storefront- is no longer there. Valletta © Helen Jones-Florio
#DisappearingMalta – literally: ‘Canberra’ Vintage Storefront- is no longer there. Valletta © Helen Jones-Florio
Disappearing Malta Series - 'Meme' vintage shop front, Valletta, Malta ©Helen Jones-Florio
‘Meme’ vintage shop front, Valletta, Malta ©Helen Jones-Florio
Mellow Yellow – Helen Jones-Florio, Valletta ©Jason Florio

O.K. … ‘Binett’s Library’ is not exactly in Valletta… but, look at what a beauty it is!

This thing I have for doors never seems to abate, wherever I find myself. For daily photo updates, follow me on Instagram @doors_facades_florio.

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Helen Jones-Florio

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4 thoughts on “Vintage storefronts, Valletta, Malta

  1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful words… many of the doors I have photographed have, sadly, already disappeared (I have many before and after photos – maybe that’s the next blog post). It seems most developers don’t want to spend the money to restore many of the older places.

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