Friday Photo: Dusk over Kunta Kinteh Island, on the River Gambia, West Africa

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Image © Helen Jones-Florio


Photographer, Jason Florio, walking down the jetty at Kunta Kinteh Island (formally James Island), in the middle of the River Gambia, near to the towns of Jeffureh and Albread, The Gambia, West Africa. Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the island was once served as one of the major ports on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade route, of West Africa.

Image © Helen Jones-Florio Taken whilst on ‘A Short Walk in the Gambian Bush – 930km African Odyssey‘.

Life’s a Gambia beach, West Africa – Thursday photo

Images © Helen Jones-Florio – Sanementareng beach, The Gambia, West Africa


It’s such a shame to have these beaches all to ourselves… she lied.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our US family and friends, all over the world.

Love from #ebolafree Gambia.

The Florios – Helen & Jason