Traditional Kankurangs, in motion, The Gambia, West Africa

 Kankurangs of The Gambia

– we happened upon this scene, whilst visiting old friends in Kembujeh, on our way back from Kanilai. We’ve been photographing these traditional masquerades for a number of years now, so it’s always great to happen across another version of the Kankurang; in the creative way that the boys use different kinds of materials to make the outfits. See more of our work on masquerades here 

footage ©Helen Jones-Florio

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Fine art photography prints from the Helen Jones-Florio online gallery
Fine art photography prints from the Helen Jones-Florio online gallery – Clockwise: ©Jason Florio ‘Boy in the Mask’; ©Michel Delsol ‘Mustang’; ©Robert Goldstein ‘Circus, NY’; ©Chris Bartlett ‘Cowboy 2’


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©Oskar Landi 'Also in India' HJF Gallery
©Oskar Landi ‘Also in India’ HJF Gallery  vv


©Ken Shung 'Swingers'
©Ken Shung ‘Swingers’ HJF Gallery

Machete Boy, traditional masquerades, The Gambia, West Africa

Masquerades – The Gambia, West Africa © Helen Jones-Florio


The three boys turned up with a couple of rice sacks, a bunch of leafy branches, and what looked like a few scraps of bright red fabric. Within half an hour, they were transformed into Kankurangs, and  fully in character – jiggling branches, menacingly clashing machetes together… ‘ Read more here


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‘Masquerades’ West Africa

Happy New Year from #ebolafree Gambia! A Year in the life of a photographer and producer team

Traditional masquerades – ‘Fairies’ – Banjul, The Gambia. Image © Jason Florio (personal multi media project with Helen Jones-Florio)


Village Banking, Ghana, West Africa – Image © Jason Florio for Concern Universal, NGO


Ebola sensitization in The Gambia, West Africa – Image © Jason Florio for Concern Universal, NGO


Multi-media: Togolese artist, Amigoe – Image © Jason Florio (personal multi-media project with Helen Jones-Florio) – Vimeo – ‘I am Amigoe, artist-painter’


BBC Africa News – Image © Helen Jones-Florio – 12/30/2014


Updated ‘A Year in the Life of…’: 12/31/14

Thankfully, all is now quiet on the ‘Smiling Coast‘ of The Gambia, after yesterdays ‘attempted coup’.

It’s now been a little over a year since we packed our bags and left behind our much loved apartment, in Greenwich Village, to temporarily decamp the all too comfortable familiarities of our cosmopolitan New York City life, to the tiny Republic of The Gambia, West Africa – a country that both of us are equally familiar with, having spent over 17 years coming backwards and forwards, (‘ikatah, ikanah’), individually and, during the last five years, as a couple.

At times, the transition has been a stretch, having left behind all that NYC has to offer, the things we coolly took for granted – museums, photography galleries, spectacular architecture, cultural diversity…the constant sensory overload.

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Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 8.47.47 AM
Quad Biking in The Gambia, West Africa – Images © Jason Florio for Arik Air/Wings Magazine


President Yahya Jammeh, of The Gambia, West Africa – Image © Jason Florio (stock/Photoshelter)


However (despite the Ebola epidemic – which has tragically effected so many in three other West African countries and , although not one single case  has been reported here, Gambia has been marred by the outbreaks…the results of which have yet to fully emerge), we’ve found that this narrow slither of land has all of the above mentioned to offer too, as we’ve enjoyed a hectic year of working with, amongst others,  the National Centre for Arts and Culture (NCAC – producing portraits of the traditional masquerades); we’ve exhibited our ‘Photos Tell Stories Photography Workshops students work at Alliance Française (and we’re planning to exhibit Jason’s ‘Silafando’ portraits, from our 2009 ‘A Short Walk in The Gambian Bush expedition, with NCAC, early next year); we’ve taken a stroll along the entire coastline of the country, staying in some of the most architecturally inspiring lodges in The Gambia (story to be published shortly). It’s all here… we just need all our friends from NYC to decamp and life will be complete! However, even that balances itself out here, as old friendships continue to grow, our circle of new friends expands, and we constantly meet inspiring folk who pop into the country from all over Africa and the rest of the world.

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Aside from the work we’ve been doing in The Gambia, this past year, Jason has been off on his travels, on assignment for various clients – including the New York Times, Oprah Magazine, and Men’s Journal,  which has taken him to other parts of West and East Africa. He’s also traveled up to Spain and Turkey (PepsiCo), back to NYC (Tablet Magazine), and, we’ve just returned from assignment in Ghana for Concern Universal, who we work regularly with.

Natural soap making, Northern Ghana – Image © Jason Florio for Concern Universal
Tomato farming, Ghana – Image © Jason Florio for Concern Universal


Aspire Academy, Senegal, West Africa – Image © Jason Florio for the New York Times
Aspire Academy, Senegal, West Africa – Image © Jason Florio for the New York Times


Young knife trader, Pakwatch Uganda – ‘Walking the Nile’ /Men’s Journal – Image © Jason Florio
Lev Wood & Boston (left) , Uganda, ‘Walking the Nile’/Men’s Journal – Image © Jason Florio


Walking 80km of the Gambia coastline, Sanementareng sacred forest. Image © Jason Florio for bSpirit Magazine/Brussels Airlines (to be published shortly)


Judging by this past year, and very recent events here in The Gambia, I’ll wager that there is plenty to keep us busy – and entertained – for quite some time, here in West Africa and further afield.

Wishing you all a very happy and peaceful New Year

The Florios – Helen & Jason

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Image © Jason Florio, Uganda, March 2014