Goodbye, dearest friend

Our world just got a little dimmer, as yet another bright shining light goes out… .Rest in peace, dear Yaffa.

Good times with the Cohens, Diablos, West 10th St, NYC L-R: Helen, Yaffa, Nachum
Good times with the Cohens, Diablos, West 10th St, NYC
L-R: Helen, Yaffa, Nachum


We met Nachum and Yaffa, around 2008-9, whilst out riding our bicycles one those fine, bright blue New York skies, Sunday afternoon in Manhattan. We’d seen them ride past on their bikes, earlier in the day, and remarked on the cool-looking couple – Nachum on his low-rider, long hair tied into a ponytail, like some biker dude, but without the motorcycle. And, Yaffa, with her equally long, blonde, hair sitting upright and dignified on her Dutch-style bicycle.

Then, later that day, whilst on a pitstop, who should Florio be talking to at the bar when I came back from the bathroom…

Cohen hospitality... we love this family, and their home. West 10th St, NYC L-R: Yaffa, Nachum, and Florio
Cohen hospitality… we love this family (and their ‘our-door-is-always-open’ home). West 10th St, NYC. L-R: Yaffa, Nachum, and Florio


‘We can only be so eternally thankful for that (seemingly) random meeting at the Ear Inn… and like four teenagers, we hurtled around the streets on bikes through Soho and China Town. Yaffa…spirit flying, a halo of hair… with a soul, that leaves an indelible mark on all our hearts… . Favourite nights in the Village… at your place, with a full table full of Yaffa’s Maghreb dishes, the kids coming in and out… .‘ Florio

And, so very much more than that. Great friendships were formed in a matter of minutes, it transpired, of meeting these two beautiful people. Who, it turned out, lived 5 minutes walk away from our apartment in the Village! Fate, kismet, or whatever you want to call it, was most definitely on our side that day.

Our hearts are broken… for Nachum, Nate, Gavi, Sara, and all the Cohen family. We love you. We miss you, Yaffa. New York will never be the same for us, without you in it.

With all our love,

H & Florio xxx

Photoville New York, 2016 – ‘Two Islands’ exhibition by Malta-based photographer, Ritty Tacsum

Ritty Tacsum Exhibition- Photoville NY, 2016
Ritty Tacsum Exhibition- Photoville NY, 2016

Ritty Tacsum – ‘Two Islands‘ – Solo Show, Photoville, NYC, September 21-25, 2016

We are extremely proud and excited that one of the Helen Jones-Florio Gallery collective, Malta-based, experimental photographer and multi-media artist, Ritty Tacsum, will be exhibiting, for her first time, in NYC at this year’s prestigious Photoville event, beneath the historic, and iconic, Brooklyn Bridge, in DUMBO.

Read more on the HJF Gallery site here.

Friday Photo: ‘Canners’, 6th Ave, NYC

‘Canners’ – metal is cash – a man collects tin cans, 6th Ave, New York City © Helen Jones-Florio


We saw this man often on 6th Ave, near our apartment, pushing his precariously overloaded, wobbly old shopping cart. One amongst many men, and women, you can see every day on the streets of NYC, heads buried deep into the public trash cans, sifting through, collecting discarded tin cans, bottles, and plastic, in order to reclaim the five cents refundable deposit charged to consumers on purchases of beer, soda, and water containers, in the city. This is often their only means of making a living.