Press: Jason Florio’s best photograph – African migrants crammed into a boat off Libya

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Image © MOAS_EU/Jason Florio


The Guardian: June 25th, 2015

Interview by: Louise Hunt

I was wearing a white protective suit and had my cameras; I looked like a spaceman. I shook their hands and tried to make eye contact, then I climbed on to the engine cover. This is maybe a quarter of those on board. It was only when there was a scuffle that I realised there were people under the decks. I looked down into a black hole, and you could just see people sat on each other’s laps. They were calling: “Please get us out, it’s so hot, we’re suffocating.” It was like the old pictures you see of slave ships. They’d been like that for 14 hours… .’ Jason Florio – read the full interview here

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Press: Vice News – transferring boat migrants, rescued by MOAS, to HMS Bulwark – Images by Jason Florio

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Images © MOAS/Jason Florio, 2015. All rights reserved


Some of them were a little bit nervous when they saw the HMS Bulwark show up on the horizon,” Florio said from aboard the organization’s 130-foot ship, the Phoenix. “But I think they were just thankful they weren’t floating around in a rubber dinghy anymore.”  Jason Florio. MOAS, 2015 migrant rescues, on-board photographer, talks about transferring  migrants, rescued by MOAS, to HMS Bulwark. Read more, and see more of Florio’s images,  on the VICE News website.

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Photo of the Day: The smiles say it all – rescued boat migrants from Eritrea- Image © Jason Florio/MOAS-eu

Instagram image © Jason Florio/MOAS-eu – May 4th, 2015, aboard the Phoenix – Migrant Offshore Aid Station


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Photographer, Jason Florio, flies into Malta, preparing to join MOAS (Migrant Offshore Aid Station)

Image © Jason Florio – flying into Malta


MOAS – Migrant Offshore Aid Station, based in Malta:  dedicated to preventing loss of life at sea by providing assistance to migrants who find themselves in distress while crossing the Mediterranean Sea in unsafe vessels… Read more about the incredible work that MOAS do here.

Last year, the charity helped to save 3,000 migrants during a 60 day mission. Photographer, Jason Florio, flew into Malta earlier last week, in preparation to join the MOAS team, on their boat, ‘Phoenix’, which departs Malta tomorrow, Saturday 2nd May, on it’s first rescue mission of this year.

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Image courtesy of Robert Young Pelton’s FB page


I’ll be updating the progress of the Phoenix, as and when I get news from Florio. In light of the last couple of weeks – far too many lives lost so tragically – in the Mediterranean, and the astonishing increase in migrants making the perilous crossing so far this year (‘over 10,100 in the first three months of 2015UNHCR),  it will be a journey worth following.