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Congratulations, Jason Florio – Jurors’ Pick – for ‘Destination Europe

Magnum Photography Awards 2017/Lens Culture - image © Jason Florio - migrants and refugees emerging from the bowels of a over-packed wooden boat in the Mediterranean Sea
Migrants and refugees emerging from the bowels of an over-packed wooden boat in the Mediterranean SeaImage © Jason Florio ‘Destination Europe’ Magnum Photography Awards 2017


Mazie Harris – Assistant Curator of the Department of Photographs Getty Museum

‘Amidst ongoing debates over immigration and refugees, I found myself returning repeatedly to Jason Florio’s portfolio. Through thoughtful compositional choices, a careful selection… ‘read more on the Lensculture Exposure Awards – Winners & Finalistspage

Multimedia: ‘I am Amigoe Dieudonné – The Artist Painter’ continues his odyssey

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VIMEO: Filmed & produced by Jason Florio & Helen Jones-Florio ©Jason Florio/Florio Studio. Click here to view


Update: April 26th, 2017: Amigoe needs a little help, to enable him to exhibit his work in Belgium  

A short video portrait shot in The Gambia, of Togolese painter Amigoe Dieudonné, who has traveled for over thirteen years around West Africa in his wheelchair, stopping along the way to create extensive bodies of work, which he exhibits and sells to be able to continue his odyssey.

We met Amigo, last year, whilst living in The Gambia, West Africa, at the opening night of our Photos Tell Stories – ‘The Gambia by Gambians‘ – exhibition. He asked us if we would film a short bio, to enable him to approach potential clients and galleries.

Amigoe at work in his house in The Gambia, with Jason Florio © Helen Jones-Florio

A few months ago, true to his independent and ever-inquisitive nature of the past thirteen years, Amigoe decided to make the arduous overland journey to Bamako, Mali, to see if he could expand his artistic career. He recently contacted us to give us some great news – thanks to the Senegalese Chamber of Commerce he, and a select number of other artists, have been given the opportunity to travel to Germany to exhibit their work. Amigoe is currently back in his homeland of Togo, waiting for his new passport.

FLO AT WORK2_AMIGOamigoes_0042
©Helen Jones-Florio
Florio, Amigoe, and fellow artists, at his former home in Cape Point, The Gambia © Helen Jones-Florio
©Jason Florio

We wish him all success in his continuing odyssey. Watch this space, as we’ll be keeping a close eye on his progress.

Bon voyage, Amigoe – the artist, painter!

Helen Jones-Florio & Jason Florio


Youtube: MOAS – Migrant Offshore Aid Station – remarkable rescue work in the Mediterranean Sea

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Youtube: Click here or on above image to view footage


Another taster of some of the remarkable work by MOAS‘ Phoenix crew (and various documentarians – through video and photography – including Jason Florio) – rescuing people in distress, from the Mediterranean Sea, as they endeavour to make the treacherous crossing, from Libya to Italy, on seriously overloaded fishing boats and dinghy’s,

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Youtube: Night Rescue of boat migrants from West Africa – footage © MOAS_EU/Jason Florio, 2015. All rights reserved.

Foreign Policy: ‘Rare photographs document the rescue of hundreds of migrants‘ all images © MOAS_EU/Jason Florio, 2015. All rights reserved.

Youtube: Night rescue of boat migrants, off the Libyan coast © MOAS_eu/Jason Florio

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.46.52 AM

Published on May 9, 2015

© MOAS.EU / Jason Florio – All rights reserved

Three migrant women intoxicated by fuel fumes are taken onto the merchant vessel Orient Green by the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) search and rescue team.

They were aboard a rubber dinghy carrying 104 migrants (predominantly Gambians, from West Africa) who were later also all transferred onto the Orient Green by MOAS after being given life jackets and water.

They were not transferred onto the Phoenix because the vessel already had 369 people on board and was therefore already overloaded.

MOAS founder Christopher Catrambone was the lead rescuer on this mission.

This rescue took place on May 3rd 2015. Watch footage here

For more  of Jason Florio’s rescue footage – visit our Film & Radio page

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