Omar’s Peace Corps Kitchen, The Gambia – feeding ‘Photos Tell Stories’ photography students

Omars Kitchen
Omar’s Peace Corp Kitchen, at traffic lights (opposite GALP garage), The Gambia – Image © Jason Florio

Venue sorted – the YMCA, Gambia – and now thanks for the heads-up from Peace Corps volunteer, Justin Jewett, about ‘Omar’s Peace Corp Kitchen‘, we have a cook for our Gambian students, during their Photos Tell Stories photography workshop. We’re looking forward to Omar’s chicken yassa for lunch tomorrow – we’ve heard only great things about his cooking!

And, we are now wifi connected, with thanks to QCell, Gambia, for  the E303 USB Stick and Huawei AF23 Sharing Router

Image © Helen Jones-Florio

We’ll be able to update during the workshop, thanks to QCell’s partnership.

More on that once we get started tomorrow morning.

Stay with us!

The Florios

Workshop Photographer: Jason Florio

Workshop Producer: Helen Jones-Florio

Recent press – via SLATE mag – HuffPost Arts & Culture features our ‘River Gambia Expedition – 1044km source-sea African odyssey‘ . Images © Jason Florio

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 2.08.26 PM
PRESS – see more here

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