Gambia coastline walk: 1st Stop – an island paradise – Jinack Island, The Gambia, West Africa

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 9.52.15 AM
Walking boots and birkenstocks – 1st stop Jinack Island, Gambia. Image © HJF

Day One – Jinack Lodge, Jinack Island It has begun,  our 80km walk along the Gambian coastline. We’ll be updating images  – connection allowing – onto our floriotravels instagram page. The stories will come later…


Jinack Island pirogue
The approach to Jinack Island from the mainland, Gambia, West Africa – image © JF


HJF_pirogue Jinack
HJF at the helm –  pirogue from the mainland to Jinack Island, The Gambia, West Africa – image © JF


Jinack Lodge sea view
A bar with a view – Jinack Lodge, Jinack Island, The Gambia, West Africa – image © HJF


Tree in the sea
There’s beauty in that there erosion – Jinack Island, The Gambia, West Africa – image © JF


After an hours undulating pirogue ride – in the surging, swelling (and downright petrifying at times), waters of the Atlantic Ocean – from the island,  we landed back on mainland terra firma to begin our first day of walking: miles walked to-date – 13.5km / temperature – 31°C/humidity 74%. Hot, hot, hot!

Huge gratitude to Devon, Amadou, and all at Jinack Lodge (the cook, Binta’s, chicken yassa is delicious!), for their gracious hospitality. And the Jinack Islanders, for making us feel most welcome indeed. A sublime, and mystical (more on that at a later date), place. We only wish we’d had more time to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the island. Next time… .


Jinack lodge sign sea
Jinack Lodge overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Jinack Island, The Gambia, West Africa – image by HJF


More walking news coming soon. In the meantime, please check our floriotravels instagram page for image updates. The Florios – Helen & Jason

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