Photo shoot location – Watch out for the crocodiles! The Gambia, West Africa

Those crocodiles are most definitely not ornamental! Jason Florio at work – image © Helen Jones-Florio


Kachikally Sacred Crocodile Pool is certainly an interesting place to shoot – you just need to watch your step, constantly. Thanks to Musa, our fixer (a person who is hired as a guide, due to their local knowledge of any given area, to help facilitate assignments) and caretaker of the pool, Jason and I met with some young Gambian boys, to work further on our traditional masquerade project, which we started last year, here in The Gambia.

The three boys turned up with a couple of rice sacks, a bunch of leafy branches, and what looked like a few scraps of bright red fabric. Within half an hour, they were transformed into Kankurangs, and  fully in character – jiggling branches, menacingly clashing machetes together, and omitting the rather alarming high-pitched screeches that seem to be the modus operandi of every Kankurang, and which always has the desired effect of unnerving everyone around them.

Jason Florio at work – image © Helen Jones-Florio


I’ll be posting more updates about this ongoing masquerade project as and when we find more subjects to photograph.


HJF – In search of masquerades at the Roots Homecoming Festival, 2014, The Gambia – image © Jason Florio


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