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blogging it - hjf gallery
BLOGGING IT – Helen Jones-Florio Gallery


Blogging It’ is  the conduit to all our photographers – interacting with them through personalized features. It’s where you will find regular posts about all of the photographers on the HJF site – we’ll be featuring new work, what (and who) inspires them, interviews, exhibitions, news, reviews, events, what else we like here at the new HJF gallery… .’ Helen Jones-Florio – Founder of HJF Gallery

Check out what we have up there so far: Q&A’s between Pulitzer Prize-winning photo editor, Stella Kramer, and the HJF photographers: Chris Bartlett, NYC, Ken Shung, NYC, Michel Delsol, NYC – in the coming weeks, we’ll have the rest of the HJF gallery photographers Q&A’s with Stella up there:  Jason Florio, NYC/Malta, Robert Goldstein, London, UK, Ritty Tacsum, Malta, and Oskar Landi, NYC.

And, for daily photo updates from all the gallery photographers, ‘follow’ us on Instagram @HJF_Gallery 

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Award-winning photographer, filmmaker, and writer, Jason Florio (, and photographer, producer, videographer and writer, Helen Jones-Florio Twitter @floriophotonNYC Instagram Instagram Instagram Instagram

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