Press: ‘Is this the solution to South Africa’s rhino poaching problem?’ The Telegraph Magazine – images © Jason Florio

The Telegraph Magazine 'Tug of Love' - image ©Jason Florio
The Telegraph Magazine ‘Tug of Love’ – image ©Jason Florio


‘To save his beloved rhinos from poachers, one South African rancher made the heartbreaking decision to send them to safer ground in Botswana…The Telegraph Magazine, Sept 1st, 2018 – words by Todd Pitock / Images ©Jason Florio.

Aerial shot: Trucks transport the rhino's ©Jason Florio - Smithsonian Magazine
Aerial shot: Trucks transport the rhino’s ©Jason Florio (photo credit Heather Jones)


Related: Smithsonian Magazine – ‘The Dangerous Work of Relocating 5,000-Pound RhinosImages © Jason Florio / Words by Todd Pitock.



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