TRRC Billboard – Victims and Resisters #NeverAgainGambia

TRRC Billboard – Gambia victims, and resisters. Image ©Helen Jones-Florio #Portraits4PositiveChange

‘The TRRC is not a court of law. It cannot prosecute or give amnesty. It can only recommend for prosecution or the granting of amnesty’

Billboard – Gambia Victims, and Resisters. Through these portraits and collected testimonies, we share the plight of the victims of the former regime of Yahya Jammeh. Huge respect and thanks to the British High Commission Banjul, the Truth Reconciliation, and Reparations Commission (TRRC), and UNDPGambia, for their support.

‘Gambia – victims, and Resisters’

See more of this on-going, multi-media, body of work at A collaboration between Jason Florio &  Helen Jones-Florio

Jason Florio making #Portraits4PositiveChange, The Gambia – Awa (with her daughter, and mother-in-law) holds her phone with one of the few photographs that she has of her late husband, Omar Barrow, who was a journalist, and International Community Red Cross volunteer. Omar was shot by a uniformed member of Gambia’s security forces during student protests, April 2000, as he was trying to help injured students at the Red Cross Headquarters. Image ©Helen Jones-Florio


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