Media: Le Monde Afrique – In the Gambia, the wounded faces of Yahya Jammeh’s dictatorship

In April 2000, Yusupha was shot in the back by Yahya Jammeh regime forces while attending a protest. He was left paralyzed. Image © Jason Florio
In April 2000, Yusupha was shot in the back by Yahya Jammeh regime forces while attending a protest. Image © Jason Florio

British photographers Jason Florio and Helen Jones-Florio met dozens of victims of the former president’s regime

“I do not care what you do with my photo or my testimony,” concluded Alagie Sonko after the meeting. It is the fact that you came to listen to me that did me the greatest good” Alagie Sonko, the Gambia – Le Monde Afrique / Romain Chanson


Portraits for Positive Change forms part of an on-going body of work also known as ‘Gambia – Victims and resisters of a regime’

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Jason Florio – Finalist Portrait Awards 2019 LensCulture ‘The Gambia: Victims and Resisters’

Finalist Portrait Awards 2019 LensCulture ‘The Gambia: Victims and Resisters’ – Portraits © Jason Florio 

The Gambia: Victims and Resisters


Portrait Awards 2019 – LensCulture

Great news – my ongoing project in collaboration with Helen Jones-Florio , victims and resisters of the former Gambian regime under Yahya Jammeh, made the Finalists in the LensCulture Portrait Awards 2019. Big congratulations to all the other Winners, Jurors’ Picks, Finalists and thanks to LensCulture and the esteemed jurors.

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April 2019 – Currently working on

Gambia – Victims, and Resisters of a Regime‘ in The Gambia, West Africa


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The Gambia – stories behind doors

#StoriesBehindDoors, Serrekunda, The Gambia, West Africa ©Helen Jones-Florio

Behind every door, there is a story to be heard…

Making #Portraits4PositiveChange, with Jason Florio, we are meeting victims and survivors of the brutal regime of the former president of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh. The man, ‘A.K.J.’, who lives behind this door, was shot in the leg by security forces when he took part in a peaceful student protest in April 2000. A.K.J. told us how they opened fire when he and his fellow students were less than 100 meters away. He saw 4-5 students lying dead around him as he waited to be rescued – 14 young people in total were shot dead. Fortunately, for him, the Red Cross came to his aid. He was In hospital for 4 months… He now walks with the aid of a stick.

As I lay wounded, hoping that someone would come and help me, on the ground around me, I could see 4 or 5 bodies… they were not moving…AKJ

'Kafu Bayo' - Stories Behind Doors, the Gambia. Image © Helen Jones-Florio West Africa Gambia Doors
‘Kafu Bayo’ – Stories Behind Doors, the Gambia, West Africa. Image © Helen Jones-Florio

For three days, I did not know who I was, or where I was…my clothes were like, you know, a butchers…covered in blood… KB

Mr. Kafu Bayo, who lives behind this door, was arrested in the Gambia on April 14th, 2016, whilst marching with the opposition leader, Solo Sandeng – who was also arrested at the same time and, tragically, killed whilst in police custody – and many others, for electoral reform. Kafu, along with fellow marchers, was severely beaten, tortured and imprisoned for 8 months. He was in his mid-seventies at the time of his arrest.

See Jason Florio’s portraits, from our on-going series

‘Gambia – victims, and resisters of a regime’

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Helen Jones-Florio

HJF with Oumie Jagne, who was shot in the arm during the 2000 student protests, in the Gambia ©Jason Florio

#GambiaDoors / #StoriesBehindDoors / #Portraits4PositiveChange

Photography Exhibition: ‘Portraits to Remember’ – victims and resisters, The Gambia, West Africa

Exhibiting for the first time, portraits from the on-going series, ‘Gambia – Victims, and Resisters of a Regime‘ taken over the past two years in The Gambia, and Senegal

We are delighted to be part of this group show and it’s truly an honour to be able to have the opening, in The Gambia, at the Gambia Centre for Victims of Human Rights Violations, who we have been collaborating with over the last few months.

'Portraits to Remember'  victims and resisters - Exhibition invite, The Gambia, West Africa
‘Portraits to Remember’ – Exhibition invite, The Gambia, West Africa


Invite image © Jason Florio – Sarjo Manneh, holding photos of his son, well-known journalist, Chief Ibrima Manneh shaking hands with President of the Gambia, Yahya Jammeh. Chief was later abducted by state security forces and, according to informants, subsequently murdered on Jammeh’s instructions after he wrote an article about term limits for the Gambian presidency. His body has, to this day, never been found.


I believe in the power of photos to create change and also give a voice to a person or community!Jeanny Tsai,photographer – supporter of GoFundMe/Gambia-Victims and Resisters


Amie Bayo – portrait © Jason Florio ‘Gambia – Victims and Resisters of a Regime’
Amie Bayo – portrait © Jason Florio ‘Gambia – Victims and Resisters of a Regime’

24-year-old, Amie, a kindergarten teacher was part of a peaceful protest in 2016 when she was picked up by members of the former Gambian president, Yahya Jammeh’s, security forces. She was held incommunicado for 10 days at one of their detention sites. She was subjected to beatings with steel pipes and regularly doused in freezing water. One of her fellow protestors was subjected not only to the beatings but to gang rape by three masked police officers. See more on my website


We are indebted to all the subjects who have invited us into their homes, their lives, so far, and shared their harrowing stories with us – none of this would be happening without you. Huge thanks to all the team at the Victims Centre, and the Goerte Institute for their support of the exhibition.

And, last but not least, everyone who has supported our GoFundMe campaign, your support and words of encouragement, over these last few months, has been incredible. Because of you, we are able to be in the Gambia today, to carry on building this body of work.

Photographer, Jason Florio, installing the exhibition 'Portraits to Remember' victims and resisters  © Helen Jones-Florio, the gambia
Photographer, Jason Florio, installing the exhibition ‘Portraits to Remember’ © Helen Jones-Florio.

The exhibition is open to all – if you are in the Gambia, please come along!

Helen Jones-Florio & Jason Florio



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