Photos Tell Stories: Photojournalism Workshop for IOM, The Gambia – with Jason Florio/Helen Jones-Florio

'Photos Tell Stories' Photography Workshop facilitator, Jason Florio, teaching editing techniques, for IOM, The Gambia
Photos Tell Stories: Photojournalism Workshop for IOM, The Gambia – field work, with journalists, Soulayman Ceesay and Louise ‘Tina’ Alsan, photographing returnee, Buba. Image © Jason Florio

Our Photos Tell Stories Photojournalism Workshop for IOM, in The Gambia, began last week with a group of young Gambian journalists, selected by the International Organisation for Migration. Our first day, spent in the classroom, included an introduction to photojournalism, and technical skills, with photographer and filmmaker, Jason Florio. He also shared his work of over 18 months aboard a rescue ship – for the NGO, MOAS – where he documented multiple rescues, in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. IOM’s Communication’s Officer, Miko Alazaz, also presented to the class IOM’s ethics of interviewing and photographing returnees of ‘the backway‘.

@Jason Florio/MOAS.EU
Eritrean Yosef Goitom AKA King Josee helps caryy a baby to safety on the RHiB. Rescue of 369 migrants. This was the first rescue of the 2015 MOAS Mission. Image ©Jason Florio ‘Destination Europe’ award-winning images
Photos Tell Stories: Photojournalism Workshop for IOM. Day 1 – all set up and ready to go. Image © Helen Jones-Florio

“Our workshop with photographers, and filmmakers, Jason Florio & Helen Jones-Florio, this week allowed photojournalists to learn both technical skills and migration dynamics in The Gambia—then headed out to gather empowering and dignifying photos of returnees.” IOM

Photos Tell Stories: Photojournalism Workshop for IOM, The Gambia. Field work, with Malick Saine, and Bubacarr Jallow – photographing returnees who work as drivers out of Tippa Garage, Bakoteh. Image ©Jason Florio

For the remainder of the week, we headed out with the journalists to interview and photograph young Gambian’s who IOM had helped to come back home from Libya, to The Gambia.

Photos Tell Stories: Photojournalism Workshop for IOM, The Gambia field work, with journalists, Sulayman Ceesay and Louise ‘Tina’ Alsan. Image © Jason Florio
Photos Tell Stories: Photojournalism Workshop for IOM, The Gambia. Field work, with journalist, Isatu Bokum – photographing returnee, Fatou. Image ©Helen Jones-Florio

Huge thanks to all the journalists involved in the Photos Tell Stories photography workshop – who have produced some incredible work, over the past week – and, to IOM for inviting us to present the workshop. Respect and gratitude, to all the returnees, their friends and family, who agreed to share their very personal stories with us, along with allowing the journalists to photograph them.

The IOM Photojournalism Workshop participants, with Jason Florio and Helen Jones-Florio – L-R: HJF, Malick Saine, Louise ‘Tina’ Alsan Davis, Sulayman Ceesay, Bubacar Jallow, Isatu Bokum, Jason Florio, Senegambia Hotel, The Gambia, January 2020

The journalists’ images will be part of a forthcoming IOM photography exhibition, about the returnees who they have aided with their reintegration back into Gambian society – more news on the exhibition date, coming soon.

The Florios – Jason & Helen

The day always starts with coffee! Jason Florio, Helen Jones-FlorioPhotos Tell Stories – with journalist, and photojournalist workshop participant, Isatu Bokum. Lana’s, Bambo Junction, The Gambia

January 2020 – Currently in The Gambia, West Africa

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