Watch: ‘Project Trust – Security Sector Reform in The Gambia’

A short film by Jason FlorioHelen Jones-FlorioFlorio Films, and Andy Thompson, Gaia Media, for DAI, funded by the European Union

‘Project Trust – Security Sector Reform in The Gambia’ for DAI

Following the turmoil of a contested presidential election in 2016, The Gambia faced an uncertain future. While the population had high expectations for the political transition, a fragile economy along with the state’s poor record in providing basic public services threatened the country’s stability. Peaceful parliamentary elections in 2017 paved the way for policymakers to restore fiscal sustainability and lay the groundwork for the country’s economic recovery. The European Union has supported the democratic transition from the outset with an ambitious budget support program that includes complementary support measures implemented by a technical assistance team… DAI

Florio Films & Gaia Media

Photographer, Jason Florio, films an interview with a young Gambian man who is sitting in by an open gate, making attaya tea, next to a motorcycle, The Gambia, West Africa , Image ©Helen Jones-Florio
The Gambia: Filming an interview with a young Gambian man, Buba Saidykahn, for ‘Project Trust’. Image ©Helen Jones-Florio


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