CAP-Prize 2020 & 2021 Winners Exhibition, Zurich – March-June, 2022

Cap-Prize 2020-2021 Exhibition, Rieter Park, Zurich, 18 March-6 June, 2022 - advertisement
Cap-Prize 2020-2021 Exhibition, RieterPark, Zurich, 18 March-6 June, 2022

In this large-format open-air exhibition in Rieterpark, nine photographic series awarded the CAP Prize – the international prize for contemporary African photography – can be explored for the first time in Zurich.


Since 2012, the CAP Prize has been aimed at photographers whose work was taken on the African continent or deals with an African diaspora. It consists of a series of exhibitions in collaboration with leading photography institutions and festivals in Africa and the rest of the world… read more: CAP-Prize

Exhibiting Artists

César Dezfuli
M’hammed Kilito
Gosette Lubondo
Ismail Zaidy

Katel Delia
Joseph Obanubi
Jason Florio
Fabrice Monteiro

Jason Florio’s – in collaboration with Helen Jones-Florio – exhibition portraits from their long-term series ‘Gambia – victims and resisters


Bintu was detained and raped by 3 masked security officers - Gambia victims and resisters portraits ©Jason Florio
‘Gambia – victims, and resisters’ Bintu was detained and raped by 3 masked security officers when she was detained. Image © Jason Florio/Helen Jones-Florio

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