African Doors: ‘Isolation’ – photography prints by Helen Jones-Florio

African Doors: 'Isolation' -facade of a building by Helen Jones-Florio The Gambia, West Africa. Photography Print

African Doors | ’Isolation’ | photography prints

©Helen Jones-Florio

African Doors: framed photography print of the facade a local bar, on a stark white background. Image © Helen Jones-Florio
African Doors: ‘Isolation’ photography prints. ‘Happy Corner’, local bar. The Gambia, West Africa – June 2022. Image ©Helen Jones-Florio (example only of framed print)

Unique, limited edition photography prints

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Tower, colour photography print, The Gambia, West Africa ©Helen Jones-Florio
‘The Tower House’, Kololi, The Gambia, West Africa, June, 2022. Photography prints by Helen Jones-Florio


Helen Jones-Florio is a producer, photographer, videographer, and writer, working predominantly in West Africa with photojournalist, and filmmaker, Jason Florio.

Header image: ‘Lamin Bar & Restaurant’, Lamin Lodge, The Gambia, West Africa, May, 2022.

Helen Jones-Florio - taking a photograph at an oyster harvesting camp, with a dog standing next to her. The Gambia, West Africa. Image © Jason Florio

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