National Geographic Travel: Jason Florio ‘How I Got The Shot’

National Geographic Travel: Jason Florio 'How I Got The Shot' - image of red colobus monkeys in a tree, The Gambia, West Africa

National Geographic Travel: Jason Florio – ‘How I Got The Shot’. In his photo story for the January/February 2022 issue, travel photographer Jason Florio followed the winding course of The Gambia River. Here’s how he captured this (one of his images) riparian nation’s endangered red colobus monkeys.

NatGeo: What were the challenges at play? 

Initially, the colobus were high in the trees, and getting a clear shot through the foliage proved very challenging. After many distant encounters, we found a small family sitting in hanging vines a few feet off the ground. I tried to contain my child-like excitement and approached them cautiously. Working in dappled light, I underexposed the shot to give a little tone to the highlights, knowing I could gently bring up the shadow areas in Photoshop. The colobus complied for a few seconds before launching into the thicket. I loved the first frame, with the main subject striking a seemingly contemplative pose. JF

See full Q&A with Jason Florio online at National Geographic. Also available in National Geograohic Traveller print edition magazine: October, 2022

See more about our documentary photography and film work in The Gambia, and West Africa.

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