A Prince in Cape Town – young LGBT asylum seeker from Zimbabwe in Cape Town

A film by Jason Florio & Zane Dedlow for International HIV/AIDS Alliance


A Prince in Cape Town: Being a young LGBT asylum seeker

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people are often forced to flee their home country to escape discrimination and violence only to face an uncertain future as undocumented migrants with no access to health care services… read more at International HIV/AIDS Alliance.

Prince January, at home in a township in South Africa - portrait © Jason Florio
Prince January at home in a township in Cape Town – portrait © Jason Florio


August 2018
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“A Blossom Pink World” Being transgender in Guyana – a film by Jason Florio & Zane Dedlow


Transgender activists in video: A blossom pink world

Transgender Guyana – Guyana Trans United’s ground-breaking campaign to repeal British colonial ‘buggery laws’ has found support from high-profile government officials.

Activists share their experiences, hopes, and aspirations as they challenge the legal framework that has led to transgender people not accessing the health services that they are entitled to, and need… read more HIV/AIDS Alliance.

A short film by Jason Florio & Zane Dedlow – for International HIV/AIDS Alliance.





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