Monday Photo: Urban Street Life, The Gambia, West Africa

Urban street life, Serrekunda, The Gambia, West Africa © Helen Jones-Florio
Everyday life on the streets of Serrekunda, one of the busiest market towns in The Gambia, West Africa © Helen Jones-Florio, 2016

Black and White Monday: Cracked windscreen, Kinshasa, DR Congo

Image © Helen Jones-Florio, Kinshasa, DR Congo


I have ridden in many, many, taxis in parts of Africa where cracked windscreens seem to be de rigueur. However, this one defied the realms of possibility. The screen – barely held together (it wasn’t even taped up!) – has to be the finest I have seen… yet, that is.

Helen Jones-Florio

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Press: B There Magazine – Hitchhiking the Gambian Way

Words by Jason Florio for B There Magazine – October 2014 – illustration of Jason (sans beard!) and Helen in ‘the whale’ . Instagram image © Helen Jones-Florio


On route, via Brussels Airlines, back down to The Gambia the other day, Jason was leafing through their new October inflight magazine, B There (a bi-monthly which covers the sub-Saharan African network) and came across the piece he wrote for them about our escapades of picking up hitchhikers in Gambia – a commonplace, and the cheapest, way to travel for a lot of people all over the country.

In the early days we clutched the steering wheel and pressed the
accelerator, staring forward and pretending we didn’t notice the hitchhikers. After all, an unhealthy diet of American slasher movies had taught us the consequential horrors of allowing a stranger on to your backseat.’ ‘Without a Hitch‘ by Jason Florio for B There Magazine

A BIG thank you to our dear friends, Maurice and Geri Phillips, of Sandele Eco Retreat, The Gambia – if it were not for them loaning us ‘the whale’ we wouldn’t have had half the fun of picking up random strangers from the side of the road in the small West African country.

We’ll be working more with Brussels Airlines for their sister bi-monthly inflight magazine, B Spirit, very shortly – again, in The Gambia – which will involve walking and beaches.

Boots and Birks IMG_8025
‘His and hers’ – Instagram image © Helen Jones-Florio


More news on that soon… .

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The Florios – Helen & Jason

Flo_HJF Alliance Francaise
The Florios – Alliance Française de Banjul, The Gambia