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Jason edits the students work from the 1st day of the workshop © Helen Jones-Florio

Late night edits for Mr Florio. We are seeing some fine work from our Gambian students on their first day of Photos Tell Stories. These kids are catching on fast – taking on board what Jason explained to them about composition and technique, before we handed over the cameras to them yesterday.

Muhammed checks out his fellow students work – the first student to arrive for day 2 © Helen Jones-Florio

Today Jason will be teaching the art of portrait photography – with each student photographing each other. Tonight, Jason and I will no doubt have another late night of uploading and looking at the students images produced today, so that we can cover editing with them in tomorrows class.

If yesterdays work, from the students, is anything to go by, we look forward to another late night!

More updates soon…

The Florios (Helen & Jason)

Photographer/Tutor: Jason Florio

Workshop Producer: Helen Jones-Florio




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