Strike a pose! Gambian Photography students learn portraiture with Jason Florio

Going back to Day 2 of Photos Tell Stories: teaching photography – a visual language, it was all about the art of portraiture.

Aisha and Ya Ida

After direction from workshop photographer and tutor, Jason Florio, it was time for our Gambian students to get behind the camera.  And, they were very vocal and clear in directing their fellow photography students. Using Jason’s backdrop, dating back to the 1940’s – which he has used over many years in much of his portraiture work – here are just a few examples of what the students produced that day – we think they did really rather well.


Khadjiatou – AKA ‘African Woman’
We didn’t escape direction either! Photographer, Jason Florio, and workshop producer, Helen Jones-Florio
Muhammed, Kadji, Muhammed, Ay Ida, Omar, Catherine
Florence and Khadji
Muhammed 1, Muhummed 2 and Omar
Lucia and Muhammed

If you would like to see  Jason Florio at work,  with the Photos Tell Stories students, please check out our ‘Behind-the-Scenes‘ FB page.

We’ll be posting more soon about the rest of the above urban workshop, and our plans to take ‘Photos Tell Stories’ on the road  to more rural Gambian villages and towns.

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The Florios (Helen & Jason)

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