Wednesday Photo: Bangladeshi and Pakistani migrants in the lower decks of an overcrowded people-smuggling fishing boat

©Jason Florio/ 2015. All rights reserved – in the cramped hull of a people-smuggling boat, in the Mediterranean Sea, post-rescue


‘In the fetid bowels the last of an estimated 200 people that were below deck on a fishing boat carrying 416, wait for the rescue team to evacuate them. Many of them were Bangladeshis, who had lived in Libya as skilled guest workers until the security situation made it untenable to remain, forcing them to take the only route possible where already over 1800 had died in the past 6 months in hopes of getting to safety.’  JASON FLORIO


Recently published, along with exclusive black and white portraits of rescued migrants and refugees, a 35-page feature, in VQR – Virginia Quarterly Review – Winter 2016 edition. See more of Florio’s images and read the full feature here.


Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 9.55.29 PM
VQR cover shot © Jason Florio/, 2015



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