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The River Gambia meets the East River, NYC – a floating photographic exhibition

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At Photoville, NYC, 2013, we exhibited Jason Florio’s ‘River Gambia‘ body of work – taken whilst we were on the ‘River Gambia Expedition – 1044km source-sea African odyssey‘. So, we were very excited when, earlier this year, the organizers of PV – United Photo Industries – approached us to see if we would like to exhibit the work as part of their Wunderlust / Drawn to Water series of exhibitions on the East River Ferry, in New York.

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We are particularly honored to except their invitation because, although we are spending an extended period here in West Africa at the moment,  New York has been our home for some years now. We only wish we could be there to see it. However, we are more than happy to have ‘River Gambia‘ representing us… floating around on the East River in NYC.

‘River Gambia’ © Jason Florio
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‘River Gambia’ © Jason Florio


To see more of Jason’s ‘River Gambia‘ series, please visit the website: floriophoto.com. And, if you would like to read about and see more images from the journey – check out our ‘River Gambia Expedition‘ blog.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Florios – Helen & Jason

Jason Florio & Helen Jones-Florio – ‘River Gambia’ exhibition, Photoville 2013. Image © Chris Bartlett

Incoming! Photoville 2014, NYC – a photo destination – exhibitions in shipping containers

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‘River Gambia’ exhibition – Photoville 2013


We are already missing being physically present at Photoville this year. The phenomenal Brooklyn based unique photo destination is, to date, one of the most enjoyable exhibitions we have ever done . We were astonished at the volume of people who passed through our exhibition shipping container doors over the course of PV 2013 – 1000’s of people, who may otherwise never have seen the body of work we exhibited.

We exhibited Jason’s images from our ‘River Gambia Expedition – 1044km source-sea African odyssey‘ – thanks also to our partners, VQR) – along with a short film (from hours of footage we both shot on the route) about the River Gambia journey.

youtube river gambia
Youtube: ‘River Gambia’ © Jason Florio & Helen Jones-Florio




'Silafando' The Gambia © Jason Florio
Above images © Jason Florio – ‘River Gambia’


Photoville, Pier 5, Brooklyn Bridge Park, September 18 – 28, 2014

Photoville has yet another stellar cast of photographers exhibiting at this years event – last years had over 50 shipping container exhibitions! – and a multitude of workshops and panel discussions, including:

La Frontera:With this long term project I document cultural activities in what used to be some of the worlds most dangerous cities along the US/Mexican border. Since 2008 I photographed 180 artists along the entire 2000 miles long divide to show the vibrant cultural side of a region that is usually portrayed by the international media with the sole focus on violent crime... .’ Stefan Falke

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.07.33 AM
Image © and courtesy of Stefan Falke – ‘La Frontera’


Personal Projects, Long Term Commitments – panel discussion with *Julie Grahame/aCurator & Stella Kramer/Stellazine: ‘Meet three photographers who are successfully executing personal projects. Marvi Lacar will talk about her project concerning mental illness, Andi Schreiber will talk about her series “Pretty, Please,” exploring middle-age in a youth-obsessed culture, and Catherine Chalmers looks at bugs, most recently working with leaf cutter ants in Costa Rica. They will present their work, discuss the long-term commitments involved and take questions afterwards.’

*Julie and Stella – a formidable duo – are  the best at what they do (individually and together). Therefore, if you need to book for this panel, book it now!

Iraqi Detainees – ordinary people, extraordinary ordeals – Chris Bartlett: ‘Beautiful and humanizing portraits of Iraqi former detainees who were arrested, tortured and released without charges in the first years of the war.’

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 11.30.59 AM
Image © and courtesy of  Chris Barlett – The Detainee Project


There are many, many more incredible exhibitions and talks in the PV 2014 program – we could list them all! However, why not click over to their website and check it out for yourself: Photoville Exhibitions. You can then click through to the various sections for the workshops, panels, and so on.

Although we have been enviously watching, from across the Atlantic,  the preparations unfold towards this years PV opening (Sept 18th), and although we can’t be there in person, we will be there – in spirit or should that be, print.  We were/are extremely flattered when the wonderfully energetic, organised, and truly inspiring PV team (especially founders: Sam, Laura, and Dave), asked us to exhibit the ‘River Gambia‘ images on the NY Waterway’s East River Ferry – as part of a series of exhibitions from various photographers. We believe our exhibition will run sometime in early October, for 3-4 weeks. We’ll keep you posted on that, as and when it happens.

horses river

Images © Jason Florio


Thanks Photoville guys – big love! And, to everyone involved in or going to this years event – have a blast and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, be truly inspired, wander amongst 1000’s like-minded souls, and take in this exceptional view!

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 12.04.21 PM
Good morning Photoville! The view from our River Gambia exhibition shipping container – PV 2013. Image © Helen Jones-Florio


And… don’t forget your camera!

Covetously yours,

The Florios – Helen & Jason

The Florios, Photoville 2013 – image © Chris Bartlett